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Custom Stickers

I offer the option of creating custom stickers for you or your business! Prices vary depending on what you are looking for, so please read this page carefully.


Individual custom stickers, up to 3 stickers total:

- $5 base charge (covering materials, shipping costs, etc.)

- Additional $20 per hour design work (most sticker designs take less than an hour to create; less than one hour = you pay less than $20)

- Free standard shipping


Bulk custom stickers:

- $10 per sticker paper sheet (Depending on the size of your stickers, I can make about 4-16 stickers from one sheet)

- Additional $20 per hour design work

- If you already have a logo or design fully finished, but you just want me to make the stickers for you, no additional design fees will apply. 

- Free standard shipping



If you have any additional questions or requests, just ask! I'm happy to work with you to get a quote that will work for both of us.


Send me a message here and we'll get started!