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About Me

Welcome to Slik Art and Design! My mission is to inspire, empower, and uplift people through art.
I started my art journey back in 2016 when I was in college. I had discovered modern calligraphy and lettering, and I fell in love! My friends suggested that I sell things on Etsy, so I decided to try it. My art became a side hustle that I enjoyed even as I developed my art skills and style. Since then, I have gotten married, moved states twice, had an office job, had a teaching job, and had a baby. Through all of this, my Etsy shop always lingered in the background. Sometimes I was able to give it more attention, but other times it fell to the wayside.

After having my daughter, I decided I really wanted to put more time and effort into my shop, not only so that I would have something to do as I stayed home with her, but also as a way to help provide for my little family. I've taken lots of online classes that have helped me hone my skills (in lettering and otherwise) and I continue to learn and develop my style more and more each day. I create a lot of my art digitally now, using an iPad and Procreate, but I still love making things analogously as well.

Now, my shop exists to help me share art with you! I always strive to create art that brings me joy, and I hope it brings you joy as well.